Friday, 1 April 2016

Take a trip inside my mind, I love going inside my mind because in my mind I can do anything I want and I never want to leave but I always come back to my favorite place

At times I like to have a break from my mind and like to play with my friends and have some fun.

I have a lovely family apart from my brother who doesn't care about me but my dog poppy is the best most wonderful dog in the universe

I dream of candy and lolly and ice cream mantin and all of my stationery is made of gummy bears and candy bluerys, candyfloss trees,gingerbread houses,and everything I touch turn to m&ms and candy cane trampolines

I wonder what activates my dreams is it my mind or does my mind shut down when I am asleep or maybe their are little aliens in our brains that create our dreams.

My hope in the future rabbits are red and white like dancing on the roof and then jump into the pool.   

I can often be found on my tramp doing lots of awesome tricks.

When no one is watching I sneak into the cupboard and steel some of my brothers sweets.   

This year I think that I will have a very good year